This is a real story and it contain real feeling of a girl, a sister, a daughter, a women and a mother who face everything in her life. It contains many emotional and heart touching lines which is so awesome.

Maham Siddiqui

She started saying yes to the life
To the opportunities
And realised life is a gift
She overcame the trauma with self love and gratitude
And today she's brave enough to tell her story to inspire all of us. 

Zainab Saleem

It's a story of how women in our society undergo violence and abuse and all we worry about is our dignity But I'm glad Maha pulled through in the end.

Fatima A

With simple steps through Maha. I was able to transform my life into something I never thought was possible. I now understand my past more than ever before. 



Maha has indeed made progress and taken great strides

Madeleeine Meander


Maha's storytelling ability is among the best I have witnessed

Emil Elmbert