Dare to face your fears so that you can overcome them!

20% of the worlds teenagers have a mental illness.
They don't get the right support, and their dreams get lost.
They are afraid to ask for help, which can cause them to lose faith in themselves and the adults around them.

Some children carry with them terrible experiences of war, flight and abuse. Others live in stressful conditions and many more we know nothing about until we lose them. 

There are children who carry Adverse childhood experiences in their school bags instead of school textbooks. 

With the help of research, we know better today how we can counteract symptoms, what impact trauma has on the child's brain and what consequences this has for children's development, learning and behaviour.

They need to be guided NOW! Instead of misled.

My name is Maha Rahmeh and my book MAHA- A song of abandonment is an invitation to my heart.
There I share, with a heartfelt feeling what it was like for me to take me from hate to love and how I dared to break 30 years of silence, shame & guilt.

My passion is to inspire you and many others to tear down old walls and start building bridges so that you can proudly move away from old destructive habits towards innovation, which can make your life a little easier and more fun to wake up to every morning.

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