About Maha

Born in Syria and briefly raised in Istanbul, Maha Rahmeh moved to Sweden with her parents at a very young age in search of a better life. 

The transition was not immediately seamless, as Maha struggled to read and write for a long time.
Discouraged by her learning difficulties, she convinced herself for several years that she did not have what it took to become a writer.
By listening and observing the world around her, Maha gradually discovered that this was not true. Everyone has a story to tell, and her, Maha-A song of abandonment, was first written in three weeks after 30 years of silence.
Maha, who is a proud mother of two daughters and a survivor of domestic abuse, trauma and chronic depression, now writes every day and is no longer afraid to share her stories on stage with the world.
She considers her readers her best friends, and nothing makes her happier than knowing that she helped them build a better life for themselves.

"My story is an inspiration and a tribute to the courage and resilience of women all over the world. I am your sister, your mother, your daughter, your best friend. I am every woman who has walked this earth and carved a path for herself."